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Visual identification

Website is an advertisement of your company on the Internet, therefore it cannot be designed accidentally. Its style has to fit your type of activity and has to suit the taste of your clients. To this end we prepare set of rules which should guide the designing of the website and other advertising materials. The most important elements of visual identification include: logo, colour scheme, graphic style, possibly isolation of leitmotiv which reinforce the identification.

Graphic project

It is the most important stage of website designing, crucial for the final effect. Graphic elements should be chosen and arranged in such a way to guarantee website's aesthetics and high usability. Our websites are not based on pre-designed templates but are prepared in accordance to our clients' needs so that they were as comfortable and intuitive in use as possible.


To realize the project we take the adventage of the newest technologies available selected adequately (chosen) to meet the website's needs. Our priority is building websites consistent with current web standard and compatibile with all major web browsers. Also, our websites are optimized for search engines. We put a lot of emphasis on efficiency and operational reliability of our web services.


To make a website accessible via the World Wide Web, one has to place it on the Internet server (hosting) and give it the name which identifies it on the Internet (domain). More complex services may require installation and configuration of additional software. We offer help in choice of the domain name and appropriate hosting company depanding on the website's technical demands. We carry out all other tasks essential to launch a new website.

We design websites of various complexity and technology:

Small and medium websites in HTML technology

Simple home websites and brochures with content not changing often can be realized in "pure" HTML technology. The adventage of this solution is short realization time and low cost. However, this type of sites are characterized by low functionality. Moreover, introducing new data requires knowledge of HTML language or employment of appropriate company that would take care of the site.

Web services based on CMS

Websites which require frequent actualizations, such as online stores, blogs or discussion forums, can be realized based on ready to use content management systems (CMS). Such systems are created on commercial or open source terms and require appropriate configuration and adjustment to fulfil their tasks. Advantages of this solution iclude low cost and fairly short realization time. However, such services are characterized by low flexiblity caused by limitations of the particular CMS. In such type of realizations we do not have influence on the quality of generated code and efficiency.

Dedicated solutions in php/Mysql technology

In many applications functionality of ready to use content management systems is not sufficient. Then, the only solution is creation of dedicated, custmised system, built having in mind service in question. This solution involves higher costs and longer realization time. However, it guarantees unlimited funcionality and flexibility thanks to ideal match to client's needs. In such solutions one can completely control the functionality of all service's elements and optimize it in regards to its efficiency and quality of generated code.